Da Gous Ket Ramblers - Complete Session 97-99 - CD

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Da Gous Ket Ramblers
The Complete Session 97-99
Patate Records PRP 009

1.Devil in the bayou
2.Linda Mae
3.Square dab from the country
4.Don't you be blue, Linda Lou
5.Bayou ball
6.Ten gallon boogie
7.Al dente
8.Pistol boogie
9.Bicycle rag
10.Allons á Lafayette
11.Acadian two step
12.Birthday cake
13.Le queu de tortue
14.Moi et ma belle
15.Luoisiana boogie
16.Trapez moi mon capot
17.Allons s'marier cherie!
18.Nancy Jane
19.Rosebud and you
20.I'd be sweet talkin' you
21.Blue flame
24.I'm gonna tear your playhouse down
25.Country hick
26.Fiddle on a stroll


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