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Frogman and Friends - Surf Corps - CD

Frogman and Friends
Surf Corps
Rebel Music Rec. RM 5029

Frogman is the instrumental surf project organized by members of the bands Moscow Beatballs and Red Elvises (Russian line-up). The terrific show program with the traditional sound of the early The Shadows, Dick Dale and The Ventures transfers the atmosphere of dance and beach parties of the 50s - 60s. Don't forget to bring your panama hat, it's going to be hot today!

01. Catalina - Frogman and Ralf Kilauea (The Kilaueas)
02. Dynamite - Frogman and Jeroen Haamers (Batmobile)
03. Golden Town - Frogman and Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak’s band)
04. Man of Mystery - Frogman and Deke Dickerson (Ecco-Fonics)
05. Close Encounter - Frogman and Danny B. Harvey (Nancy Sinatra’s band)
06. Jamaica - Frogman and Sarah Johnson Melkeraaen (Lady Albatross)
07. The Godfather - Frogman and Jancee Warnick (Jancee Pornick Casino)
08. Murka - Frogman and Igor Yuzov (Red Elvises)
09. Surfcaster - Frogman and Alan Wilson (The Sharks)
10. The Lazy Surfer - Frogman and Chuck Hughes (Hillbilly Hellcats)
11. Vincent's Surprise - Frogman and Аntty Kukkola (Francine)
12. Something Happened - Frogman and Alexey Romanov (Voskreseniye)
13. Koi-no Bakansu (Love Vacation) - Frogman and Daigo Yamashita (Johnny Pandora)
14. Troubadour’s Song - Frogman and Andrey Shabaev (Priklyucheniya Elektronikov)
15. Chervona Ruta - Frogman and Andrey Skachko-Kudasov (Djankoy Brothers)
16. Our Secret - Frogman and Oleg Kostrov (Messer Für Frau Müller)
17. Comanche - Elena Filippova (Neprikasaemye)
18. Green Grass of Texas - Frogman and Martin Wenk (Calexico)
19. Misirlou - Frogman and Leszek Cichoński

Frogman are:
Yury Krivoshein — guitars
Timur Popovkin — bass-guitar
Aleksandr Timofeev — drums

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