Hickey, Ersel - Bluebirds Over The Mountain - CD

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Ersel Hickey
Bluebirds Over The Mountain
Bear Family Records BCD 15676 AH

Jedermann erinnert sich wegen eines Songs und eines Fotos an Ersel aber hier ist viel mehr, wie die 25 Song Retrospektive enthüllt. Das ist nicht nur eine seltene Zweitversion von Bluebirds, die nur in Kanada veröffentlicht wurde, sondern großartige Ropck'n Roll Nummern wie Goin' Down That Road, Stardust Brought Me You und You Never Can Tell. Diese Retrospektive enthält alle Epic und Kapp Aufnahmen von 1957 bis 1960.Everyone remembers Ersel for one song and one photo, but there's much more, as this 25 song retrospective reveals. There's not only a rare alternate take of Bluebirds issued only in Canada, but great rock 'n' roll sides like Goin' Down That Road, Stardust Brought Me You, and You Never Can Tell. This retrospective includes all the Epic and Kapp recordings from 1957 to 1960.

1. Bluebirds Over The Mountain (US version)
2. Hangin' Around
3. You Never Can Tell
4. The Wedding
5. Lover's Land
6. Goin' Down That Road
7. Love In Bloom
8. Another Wasted Day
9. You Threw A Dart
10. Shame On Me
11. What Do You Want?
12. Stardust Brought Me You (2)
13. Due Time (incomplete)
14. A Mighty Square Love Affair
15. Teardrops At Dawn
16. Magical Love
17. I Guess You Could Call It Love
18. Lips Of Roses
19. What Have You Done To Me?
20. Stardust Brought Me You (1)
21. Roll On Little River (unknown)
22. Don't Be Afraid Of Love
23. People Gotta Talk
24. I Can't Love Another
25. Bluebirds Over The Mountain (CAN version)


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