Hillbilly Rawhide - Ramblin Primitive Outlaws - CD

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Hillbilly Rawhide
Ramblin' Primitive Outlaws
Crazy Love Records CLCD64249

Ferrova Centro-Oeste
White Lightning
Fugindo Com A Pacotera
High On The Road
So Doggone Lonesome
O Trem
Honky Tonk Blues
Vida De Bandoleiro
Ride This Torpedo
Caramuru Calibre 32
O Cachaceiro

Hillbilly Rawhide, from Curitiba-PR / Brasil, was born in February of 2002, with the proposal to play a style made for a few in Brazil, mixing the roots of Country, Hillbilly, Western, Bluegrass, Boogie Woogie, Trucker' s Music, a lot of primitive Rock' n' Roll, and references of Psychobilly, what generated their own sound.


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