Maddox, Rose

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Rose Maddox
The One Rose
The CAPITOL Years 1959-65
4 CD Box (LP-Format) mit 16-seitigem Buch
Bear Family Records BCD 15743 DI

Klein und großmütterlich, Rose Maddox kann immer noch mit den Besten singen. Zwischen 1959 und 1965 nahm sie eine Serie von Alben für Capitol auf, die hier komplett wiederveröffentlicht werden zusammen mit vielen seltenen Singles und 15 zuvor unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen. Dies ist Country Music, die sich nicht dsfür entschuldigt, Country Music zu sein. Einige der Maddox Brothers waren noch da, um diesen Aufnahmen das gleiche Feuer zu verleihen wie den alten Maddox Brothers & Rose Aufnahmen, auch Bill Monroe und Reno & Smiley waren da für Rose's 'Sings Bluegrass' LP. Alles zusammen sind es 111 Aufnahmen, die den elektrisierenden Sound von Rose Maddox zu ihren besten Zeiten festhalten.Petite and grandmotherly, Rose Maddox can still belt it out with the best of them. Between 1959 and 1965 she recorded a series of albums for Capitol that are reissued complete here with many rare singles and 15 previously unissued recordings. This is country music that makes no apology for being country. A couple of the Maddox brothers were still on-hand to give these records the same fire as the old Maddox Brothers and Rose records, and Bill Monroe and Reno & Smiley were on-hand for Rose's 'Sings Bluegrass' LP. Altogether there are 111 sides here that capture the riproaring sound of Rose Maddox at her very best.
CD-1: What Makes Me Hang Around
1. Bill Cline
2. Gambler's Love
3. Lies And Alibis
4. Custer's Last Stand
5. I Lost Today
6. Live And Let Live
7. My Little Baby
8. Philadelphia Lawyer (master)
9. Tramp On The Street
10. Gathering Flower's For The Masters Bouquet
11. I'm Happy Every Day I Live
12. Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
13. Whoa Sailor
14. On The Banks Of The Old Ponchartrain
15. Honky Tonkin'
16. At The First Fall Of Snow
17. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
18. Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
19. Move It On Over
20. Shining Silver Gleaming Gold
21. Down, Down, Down
22. Please Help Me, I'm Falling
23. Johnny's Last Kiss
24. Philadelphia Lawyer (alt. take 5)
25. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
26. An Empty Mansion
27. The Great Speckled Bird
28. This World Is Not My Home
CD-2: That Glory Bound Train
1. Drifting Too Far From The Shore
2. When I Take My Vacation In Heaven
3. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
4. I'll Reap My Harvest In Heaven
5. Smoke, Fire And Brimstone
6. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
7. Kneel At The Cross
8. There's A Better Times A Comin'
9. I Want To Live Again
10. Kissing My Pillow
11. Dime A Dozen
12. Loose Talk (& BUCK OWENS)
13. Mental Cruelty (& BUCK OWENS)
14. Conscience I'm Guilty
15. Read My Letter Once Again
16. Tall Men
17. Early In The Morning
18. There Ain't No Love
19. What Am I Living For
20. Stop The World (And Let Me Off)
21. Jim Dandy
22. North To Alaska
23. Lonely Street
24. Gotta Travel On
25. Just One More Time
26. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
27. There Ain't No Love
28. Your Kind Of Lovin' Won't Do
CD-3: Take Me Back Again
1. Fool Me Again
2. Long Journey Home
3. From A Beggar To A Queen
4. Let's Pretend We're Strangers
5. If You See My Baby
6. Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
7. When The Sun Goes Down
8. Alone With You
9. My Life Has Been A Pleasure
10. Curly Joe
11. Here We Go Again
12. Long Black Limousine
13. White Lightnin'
14. Uncle Pen
15. Footprints In The Snow
16. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
17. My Rose Of Old Kentucky
18. Molly And Tenbrooks
19. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
20. Cottonfields
21. Each Season Changes You
22. The Old Crossroad Is Waitin'
23. I'll Met You In Church Sunday Morning
24. Down, Down, Down
25. Lonely Teardrops
26. Sing A Little Song Of Heartache
27. Tie A Ribbon In The Apple Tree
28. George Carter
CD-4: Let Me Kiss You For Old Times
1. I Don't Hear You
2. Down To The River
3. Somebody Told Somebody
4. Sweethearts In Heaven (& BUCK OWENS)
5. We're The Talk Of The Town (& BUCK OWENS)
6. Back Street Affair (& BUCK OWENS)
7. No Fool Like An Old Fool (& BUCK OWENS)
8. I Won't Come In While He's There
9. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
10. Bluebird Let Me Tag Along
11. That's A Mighty Long Way To Fall
12. Stand Up Fool
13. Silver Threads And Golden Needles (master)
14. The Great Pretender
15. Tia Lisa Lynn
16. Lonely One
17. The Big Balls In Cowtown
18. Wabash Cannon Ball
19. I'll Always Be Loving You
20. Mad At The World
21. Big, Big Day Tomorrow
22. Cottonwood Road
23. Down To The River (live)


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