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Mark Twang Trio - This Ain’t The Time - CD

Mark Twang Trio
This Ain´t The Time
Tessy Records Tessy CD 2019

Mark is better known as lead guitarrist for Sandy Wild (aka Sandy & the Wild Wombats) or Dave Philipps. He also formed a new Rockabilly Trio and Tessy Records is proud to present his first CD.

01. Blurry Nights
02. Haunted
03. Shape Your In
04. Redhead
05. Crippled Inside
06. i Hope That I Don't Fall In Love
07. Jump
08. this Ain't The Time
09. Broken Heart Hill
10. Tease like That
11. Twist Of The Knife
12. Waiting For Saturday Night
13. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love (Bonus Track)

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