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That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 1

That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 1
BCD 15622 AH
EAN 4000127156228

1. Joe Clay: Sixteen chicks
2. Ric Cartey: Born to love one woman
3. David Houston: Sugar sweet
4. Lee Denson: New shoes
5. Hoyt Johnson: Little boy blue
6. Janis Martin: Drugstore rock'n'roll
7. Dave Rich: Rosie let's get cozy
8. Dick Glasser: Catty town
9. Nan Castle: Star light, star bright
10. Morgan Twins: TV hop
11. Tommy Blake: Honky tonk mind
12. Sprouts: Teen Billy baby
13. Milton Allen: Don´t bug me baby
14. Martha Carson: Now stop
15. Jimmie Rogers Snow: Milkcow blues
16. Joe Clay: Duck tail
17. Ric Cartey: Heart throb
18. David Houston: One and only
19. Jimmy Dell: I´ve got a dollar
20. Gene Morris: Lovin honey (2)
21. Janis Martin: Barefoot baby
22. Skeeter Bonn: Rock-a-bye-baby
23. Joey Castle: That ain´t nothing but right
24. Autry Inman: Mary Nell
25. Art Wood: Hey jibbo
26. Tommy Blake: All night long
27. McCoys: Full-grown cat
28. Ted Harris: Just thought I´d set you straight
29. Ric Cartey: Ooh-wee
30. Frankie Dee: Shake it up baby
31. Gene Morris: Lovin honey (1)

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