Rhythm Feet

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Rhythm Feet
Buffalo Bop BB-CD 55188

Susy Ann - Frankie Taro
Rhythm Feet - Carroll (Wild Red) Pegues
Baby Lou - Bob Osburn
Little Miss Pretty - Don Hopkins
Cool Cats - Dick Mason
My Hero - Gary Shelton
There's No Way To Treat Your Girl - Don Hopkins
Hollywood Rock - Al Turnage
Red Lips - Mondo
Sweet Lou From Lou - Ray Burden
Pretty Patti - Robin Lee and The Lavenders
The Green Door - Houston and Dorsey
Lorie Lee - Mackey Beers and The Rockitts
I Want You Now Honey Doll - Jay Haggard
I Wanta Dance - Gary and The Detonators
If You're Square - Rhythm-Addicts
Frankie And Johnny - Donnie Dean
I Lost My Baby - Johnny Gosey
I Will Ask, I Will Plead - Jay Haggard
Rockin' With Ruby - Johnny Redd
Hey! Watcha Say Babe! - Rhythm-Addicts
Yea, Pretty Baby - Joe the Shaker and The Playboys
Gonna Learn To Rock - Doyle Madden
Hi Yo Silver - Angie Garcia
Mary Jane - Tiny Lyman and His Jukes
Flying Saucers - The Thunderbirds
At The Rock & Roll Party - Gus Colletti
Baby? You Just Wait - The Spirals
Baby Don't Leave Me - Herb & Rex
Weekend Girl - Wally Biniak


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