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Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55193

Wicked -Mike Sanchez,
Lovemakin' - Gene Maltais,
Flip Over You - Ronnie Allen,
I'll Be Different - Eddie Thorpe,
Cash & Carry Heart - Curtis Wilson,
Jealous Fool - Jimmy Breedlove,
Made In The Shade - Gene Dunlap,
Pretty Jane - Mark Robinson,
My Baby Likes To Rock & Roll - Tommy Lane,
You Shake Me Up - Andy Anderson,
Hop Skip Jump - Augie Rios,
Snake Eyed Woman - The Sundowner,
Little Rome - Max Alexander,
Let's Make History - Ronnie Wilson & Jerry Woodard,
Baby, What Do You Want - Fred Mick,
Honey Don't - Tyrone Schmidling,
The Bug - Gene Maltais,
Rock, Rock, Rock, Everybody - Max Alexander,
Tennessee Hound Dog - Tex Atchinson,
Ain't Got No Home - The Outlaws,
Daddy-o-Goose - Fred Mick & The Three Little Piggies,
Li'l Ol' Me - Jimmy Breedlove,
Let Go Your Love Little Girl - Vernon Derrick,
Ya Gotta' Be Real Good' Baby - The Fairviews,
Whoa-Whoa Baby - Eddie Daniels,
Pretty Blue - Charles Alexander,
Downbeats - Johnn Amelio,
I Got The Feeling (50s radio show) - Eddie Cochran


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