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Goofin' Around

Various Artists
Goofin' Around - 2 CD Set
Goofin' Records GRCD 6100
EAN 6419517061000

Disc 1:
1. The Bird Dogs: Jumpin' Jukebox
2. The Bird Dogs: She Wanna Rock
3. The Bird Dogs: Glendora
4. Hal Peters Trio: Tweedle Dee
5. Hal Peters Trio: Gon Gone Gone
6. The Ballroomers: Lonesome For A Letter
7. Kitty & The Ballroomers: In My Dreams
8. The Buzzsaw: Buzzsaw Drive
9. The Buzzsaw: Play My Boogie
10. Whistle Bait: Whistlin' For You
11. Whistle Bait: Cat Talk
12. The Deathrow: Love's Not Fair
13. Lester Peabody: Windy & Warm
14. Jussi Raittinen with Hal Peters And His Trio: Long Black Train
15. The Housewreckers: Tribute To Buddy Holly
16. The Delltones: Strangers When We Meet
17. Ray Campi: Chicken
18. The Housewreckers: Coming To Get You
19. The Housewreckers: Tribute To Buddy Holly
20. Tortilla Flat: Los Flying Tortillas
21. Ellis & The Angry Teens: Bottle
22. The Silver Bullets: Ain't That A Dilly
23. Shaun Young: Ain't I The Lucky One
24. Slap Sally Combo: Cotton Patch Hop
25. The Ranch Girls & Their Ragtime Wranglers: Way Down Yonder
26. The Barnshakers: Wiggle Like A Worm

Disc 2:
1. The Infernos: Love My Baby
2. The Infernos: Local Boy
3. Sean & Deke: Switch Blade Stomp
4. The Barnshakers: Hocus Pocus
5. The Go Getters: Desert Rose
6. The Go Getters: Roadkill
7. Ellis & The Angry Teens: Oklaholma Baby
8. The Slippers: Got Love If You Want It
9. The Wanglers: Black Horse
10. The Silver Bullets: Bon't Bye, Bye, Baby Me
11. High Noon: Stranger Things
12. High Noon: Rockin' Beauty
13. Mr Breathless: Big Blond Baby
14. The Jive Bombers: Why Do You Treat Me This Way ?
15. Darrel Higham & The Barnshakers: The Roker Stroll
16. Mary Ann & Her Ragtime Wranglers: Hey, Little Dream Boat
17. Rockin' 8-Balls: You Can't Make Love To Somebody
18. Rockin' 8-Balls: Life Begins At 4 O'Clock
19. Big Bertha & The Bulldozers: Sobrero
20. Dr Snout & His Hogs of Rhythm: Hi-Fi Baby
21. Sean Mencher: It's The Beat
22. Sean Mencher: Not For Nothing
23. Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers: Grandma Rock & Roll
24. Marti Brom & The Barnshakers: I Love You Honey
25. Somethin' Else: Bon't Bug Me Baby
26. Nono Söderberg: Säkkijärvi Stomp

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