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Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volume 10

Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volume Ten
Blakey Records BL-010

Bari & The Breakaways - Tough Enough
Dave Gardner - Mad Witch
Mark Wynter - I Go Ape
Glen Reeves - That'll Be Love
Ray Stanley - Let's Get Acquainted
Frankie Mann - Toe To Toe
Diana Lee - You Upset Me
Bobby Jay - So Lonely
Mickie Most - Johnny B. Goode
The Trendels - Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby
Bobby Darin - Pity Miss Kitty
Andy and The Manhattans - Double Mirror Wrap Around Shades
Lee Emerson - Start All Over
Gene Lamarr - Baby What Would You Do
Kenny Loran - Top Man

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