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Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volume 12

Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volume Twelve
Blakey Records GRCD 012

1. Dean Hawley: Bossman
2. Wayne Fontana: Road Runner
3. Mondo: Red Lips
4. Chuck Johnston: Sweet Baby
5. Bobby Vee: Flyin' High
6. Freddy McDuff: Jack Daddy
7. The Royal Teens: Alright Baby
8. Freddie Fender: My Train Of Love
9. Johnny Barakat: The Wedge
10. Baker Knight: Hungry For Love
11. The Royal Teens: Dottie Ann
12. Al Casey: She Gotta Shake
13. Los Crazy Kings: Crazy Kings
14. Louisiana Red: Keep Your Hands Off My Woman
15. The Lancers: The Moocher
16. Mondo: Everybody Needs Someone
17. The Hitmakers: How To Make A Hit Record
18. The Rumblers: Pack Rat

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