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Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volumes 1 and 2

The Best Of Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volumes 1 & 2
Blakey Record Company Ltd GRCD12

Bo Diddley - Rock 'n' Roll
Bobby Lawson - If You Want My Love
The Altecs - Gorilla Hunt
Burt Blanca - Long Black Jacket
Tony Dangerfield - She's Too Way Out
The Royaltones - Little Bo
Jimmy Lee Maslon - Please Give Me Something
The Rockateens - Dance To The Bop
The Strangerloves - I'm On Fire
Billy Dee - Baby You're Mine
Sonny Terry - I Love You Baby
Jim Gunner - Fooloose
Lue Cazz - The Walk
The Viscounts - Dig
Joey Paige - Roll Over Beethoven
Micky Most - That's Alright
Lou Josie - Breezin' Out
The Sidewinders - Jaguar
Joe South - I'm Snowed
Al Sweat - I Hate Myself
The Upsetters - Where You're Going Sapphire
The Rave-Ons - Honey Honey Honey
The Zaks - What Kinda Man
The Atantics - Bombora
Timmie Rogers - Take Me To Your Leader
Buddy Love - Heartbreak Hotel
Al Ferrier - Love Me Baby
Walter Jacobs - Crazy Legs
Guess Who - Shakin' All Over
Rick Reason - Feel So Bad
Doctor Ross - Turkey Leg Woman
The Velaires - Ubangi Stomp

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