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Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volumes 9 and 11

The Best Of Greasy Rock 'n' Roll Volumes 9 & 11
Blakey Record Company Ltd GRCD911

Roy Buchanan - Mule Train Stomp
Eddie Stapleton - Well I'm Weak
Ken Craig - Silver Coin
Kip Tyler - Vagabond Mama
Vinnie Rogers - Flash Flood
Dave Dudley - Where There's A Will There's A Way
Ric Cartey - Wancha To Know
Nervous Norvus - Stone Age Woo
Carl Bonn - Baby Sittin' Blues
Jim Hardin - High Stepping Woman
Larry & The Loafers - Panama City Blues
The Sentarians - Flight
Alan Riddle - The Moon Is Crying
Johnny Neal - Walk Baby Walk
The Scorpions - Keep-A-Knockin'
Mark Peters - Someday
Roy and The Devils - The Royal B
The Devils - The Devil Dance
Dee Jay and The Runaways - Love Bug Crawl
Red Smiley - Take A Ride
Gene Ski - Six Foot Down
Jimmy Gordon - Buzzzzzz
The Recalls - No Reason
The Greenbeats - I'm On Fire
Raper Brothers - Rock Hop Bop
Elton Anderson - I Love You
Jack & The Rippers - Heart Attack
Red West - Ain't Nobody Gonna Take My Place
The Senders - Party Line
Steve Carpenter - You're Putting Me On
The Fools - Bullmoose
Al Turnage - Hollywood Rock

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