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TEDs Volym 1

TEDs Volym 1
Crazy TED Records TED CD 01

Vernon & The G.I.'s - I Wanna Be A Ted
Don E. Sibley - Punk Bashing Boogie
Eddy & The Falcons - Crazy Jeans
Steve Gibbons - Eddy Vortex
Cadillac - Rock'N Roll Traitor
The Rockin Devils - Shine
Charlie Wolf - Home
Johnny & The Jailbirds - Too Much Wine
Crepes 'N' Drapes - Boogie Bop Dame
The Riot Rockers - Goodnight Irene
Tommy Husky - Johnny Ringo
Ace Skudder - Bigriver Boogie
Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers - Teddy Boy Boogie
Oh You Babe - Breathless
Johnny & The Jailbirds - Slick Chick
Nick Satan & Rocking Devils - Wanna Be An' Ellsangel
Rhythm Hawks - Don't Look That Way
Red River Rock - Right Here One Earth
Vernon & The G.I.'s - G.I. Bop
Tommy Husky - Hootsmoon
The Riot Rockers - Cast Iron Arm
Shakin' Stevens - Rockabilly Earthquake
Vince St. John - Three R Boogie
The Poor Boys - Move Baby Move
The Bop Cats - Rockabilly Baby
Al Roberts Jr. - Boppin' At The Hop Shotgun - Rockabilly Rebel
The Riot Rockers - Tennessee Saturday Night