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Brioles - Love, Rhythm and Hate - 10inch LP

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Love, Rhythm & Hate
Eltoro Records, Bullseye BE-110

Limited Edition 10-inch LP with Gatefold Sleeve. There are 3 songs on thy vinyl who are not on the CD version.
This Gatefolder includes a CD with all 15 tracks from the CD.

Vinyl Side A:
1. How To Cry
2. Too Drunk For Your Love
3. Desperate Man
4. She's Bad
5. It's Only Make Believe

Vinyl Side B:
6. Cry Of The Werewolf
7. Pegado A Ti
8. I'm Gonna Ride
9. Love That Gal
10. Dimelo A Mi

CD Tracks:
1. Show Me
2. Voodoo Bop
3. Pegado A Ti
4. Too Drunk For Your Love
5. Demasiado
6. She's Bad
7. Try My Love
8. I'm Gonna Ride
9. Love That Gal
10. Nana Para Una Pesadilla
11. Madhouse
12. It's Only Make Believe
13. La Casa
14. How To Cry
15. Bop Pills


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