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Crazy Cavan & Rhythm Rockers - A Rockin´ Legend

Crazy Cavan `n´ The Rhythm Rockers
A Rockin´ Legend
Crazy Rhythm CRCD18

1. Do What I Do
2. Granny Keeps Rockin'
3. Ask My Next Door Neighbour
4. Leavin' On A Down Down Train
5. Baby Please Come Home
6. Please Help Me I'm Fallin'
7. Sitting On Top Of The World
8. Tom Dooley
9. That's Why I Love Her So
10. My First Love
11. Roll On Silvery Moon
12. Raining In My Heart
13. All The Time
14. Rock Around With Ollie
15. Teddy Boy Boogie
16. Teddy Boy Rock 'n' Roll
17. Jools Holland Interview with Cavan 26.10.2015 BBC Radio

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