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Dan Cash & Highway Patrol - In Memory Of Dan Cash

Dan Cash and Highway Patrol
In Memory Of Dan Cash - A Honky Tonkin Life

This CD is something very special. It's not printed for business use (no number and label on it). Only 300 copys pressed in benefit and memory of Dan Cash. He passed away win April 2022, age 50.

01. Honky Tonk Heartache
02. Rock 'n' Roll
03. King Of Chicka Boom
04. Hey Get Rockin'
05. Falling Down Feeling Low
06. Rockabilly Blues
07. Selfish Crime
08. I Love You True
09. Honky Tonk Heartache (Version 2)
10. Honky Tonk Angels (Duet With Sandy Wild)
11. Wild Rose (Duet With Sandy Wild)
12. Honky Tonk Heartache (Duet With Sandy Wild)
13. I Love You True (Duet With Sandy Wild)
14. Still Number One
15. Sex Is A Lie?
16. What Love Can Do
17. I See You Around (Tribute Song For Dan Cash)

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