Gage, Pete - Pete Gage - Tough Talk - CD

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Pete Gage
Tough Talk
Goofin' Records GRCD 6165

1. Tough Talk Boogie (Pete Gage)
2. Bad Feeling (Pete Gage)
3. Victim Of Your Love (Pete Gage)
4. Relaxing With My Baby (Pete Gage)
5. No Other Woman (But The One From Louisiana) (Music Juha Takanen, Words Pete Gage)
6. Standing At The Crossroads Again (Mickey Jupp)
7. Mose (Pete Gage)
8. Midnight Hour Blues (Leroy Carr)
9. Under My Skin (Pete Gage)
10. I Got A Right (Pete Gage)
11. Other Side Of The Street (Pete Gage)
12. Sweet Mercy (Pete Gage)
13. Let The Four Winds Blow (D. Bartholemew, A. Domino)
14. Living In My Sin (Pete Gage)
15. Do Some Rock ‘n’ Roll (Pete Gage)


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