George and Earl - Better Stop, Look And Listen, CD

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George and Earl
George McCormick and Earl Aycoc
Better Stop, Look And Listen
Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
Bear Family Records BCD 17121 AH

1. Fifty-Fifty Honky Tonkin'
2. I Guess You Don't Care
3. Hi There, Sweet Thing
4. Don't Add An Ex To Your Name
5. The Sundown Train
6. You're High Tone Ways
7. I'm Just Passing Through
8. Flutter Bug
9. Gold Wedding Band
10. I Don't Know Nothing About Nothing
11. Don't Fix Up The Doghouse
12. I'll Keep Your Name On File
13. (If You) Got Anthing Good (You Better Save It, Save It)
14. Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
15. Going Steady With The Blues
16. Can I
17. (All You've Given Me Is) Heartaches
18. Take A Look At My Darlin'
19. Cry Baby Cry
20. Don't, Don't, Don't (take 5)
21. Remember And Regret
22. Eleven Roses (And The Twelfths Is You)
23. Done Gone
24. Better Stop, Look And Listen
25. The Blues Moved In This Morning
26. After All We've Been Through
27. Doubt
28. Don't, Don't, Don't (take 2)
29. Don't, Don't, Don't (take 3)


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