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Mars Attacks - Recaptured

Mars Attacks
Brandnew Recordings of 26 Killer Tracks
PART-CD 696.001

1. Man From Mars (Butch Paulson)
2. Snatch It 'n' Grab It (Freddie Hart)
3. All Nite Boogie (Mary Drummond)
4. I'm Gonna Buy Me A Ticket (Martin Telfser)
5. Doggin' My Steps (Martin Telfser)
6. Please Can You Say (Roland Riedberger)
7. Pepperhot Baby (A. Evelyn)
8. The Way I Bop (Oliver Pfanner & Martin Telfser)
9. That's The Way I Feel (Smith & Hayde)
10. Four Tired Car (Rudy Preston)
11. Lies (Lee Ross)
12. Why. Jimmy Bill? (Roland Riedberger)
13. You'll Never Break Me (Martin Telfser)
14. Honey (Roland Riedberger)
15. Dirty Tricks (Martin Telfser)
16. I Guess It's Meant That Way (Pat Cupp)
17. Rocket In The Sky (Martin Telfser)
18. Shotgun Wedding (Oliver Pfanner & Martin Telfser)
19. A Gal Of My Kind
20. Ninety Nine Ways
21. You Talk Too Much
22. Sputnik (The Satellite Girl)
23. Tattoo Bop
24. Mars Attacks
25. High School Ceasar
26. Leavin' It All Behind

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