That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 13

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That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 13
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1. Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones: Black slacks
2. Wayne Walker: All I can do is cry
3. Clint Miller: Bertha Lou
4. Danny Dill: I'm hungry for your lovin'
5. Ronnie Haig: Don't you hear me calling, baby
6. George Hamilton IV: Everybody's body
7. Ronnie Self: Pretty bad blues
8. Al Hendrix: Rhonda Lee
9. Jackie Lee Cochran: I want you
10. Jack Scott: Baby she's gone
11. The Satellites: Rockateen
12. Vince Everett: Baby, let's play house
13. Jay B. Loyd: You're just my kind
14. Johnny Janis: Later baby
15. Jo Ann Campbell: Boogie woogie country girl
16. Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones: Cotton pickin' rocker
17. Jerry & Wayne Newton: Baby, baby, baby
18. Clint Miller: Doggone it baby, I'm in love
19. Ronnie Toth: Miss lazy
20. Debbie Stevens: If you can't rock me
21. George Hamilton IV: If you don't know, I ain't gonna tell
22. Bill Hayes: Bop boy
23. Al Hendrix: Go Daddy rock
24. Jackie Lee Cochran: Buy a car
25. Jack Scott: Two timin' woman
26. The Satellites: Linda Jean
27. Vince Everett: I ain't gonna be your lowdown dog no more
28. Jay B. Loyd: Cross my heart
29. Joey Du'Ambra: Come back a little Mama
30. The Dusters: Pretty girl


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