That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 9

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That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 9
Bear Family Records BCD 15971 AR
EAN 4000127159717

1. Mimi Roman: Little lovin'
2. Freddie Neil & Friend: Listen kitten
3. Bobby Helms: Tennessee rock 'n' roll
4. Billy The Kid: Apron strings
5. Red Smith: Whoa boy
6. Wayne Handy: Betcha didn't know
7. The Alcons: Black Jack
8. Charlie Phillips: Be my bride
9. Ray Doggelt: It hurts the one who loves you
10. Lewis Pruitt: Crazy bullfrog
11. Baker Knight: Just relax
12. Jim Eanes: Wiggle worm wiggle
13. Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys: So let's rock
14. Matys Brothers: Crazy street
15. Carl Belew: Folding money
16. Billy Jack Hale: Your eyes
17. Doug Powell: Tired man
18. Wayne Handy: I think you oughta look again
19. Roy Duke: Behave, be quiet or begone
20. Lewis Pruitt: This little girl
21. Bobby Sykes: Touch of loving
22. Joey Biscoe: You lovin' doll
23. Jules Blattner: No money down
24. Jerry Mason: Strange feeling
25. Billy Mize: Solid sender
26. Paris Brothers: This is it
27. Chester Smith: Rock go round
28. Chuck Sims: Little Pigeon
29. Dav Kipp: No sweat baby
30. Carl Belew: Cool gator shoes