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Rock Men Rock Vol. 3 - We´re Gonna Bop - CD

We're Gonna Bop: Rock Men Rock Vol. 3
Thousands Records 1000CD-008

Hillbilly Delights: Taht's All right
Hillbilly Delights: Make Up Your Mind Baby
The Planets: You Don't Care
The Planets: let's Go Boppin' Tonight
The Lonesome Tears: You Neary Lose Your Mind
The Lonesome Tears: Say When
Tigerlily: I Wanna Know
Tigerlily: Bige Low
Starlight Wranglers: Ducktail
Starlight Wranglers: Rock All Night
Hot Boogie 49: Well.. All Right
Hot Boogie 49: Modern Do Juan
Fire Engine Red: Turn My Back On You
Fire Engine Red: Loverboy
The Storm Riders: Can't Find My Way Back Home
The Storm Riders: Can The Circle Be Unbroken

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