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Rockabilly Rumble - CD

Various Artists
Rockabilly Rumble
Rebel Music Records RM 5027

Marshall Scott Warner - B For Bop
The Ragged Rebels - Nothing To Regret
Snakebite - Fantasy Lady
The Rockin’ Daddys - I´m Dressed in Style
Rockin Hellfire - Blood On My Drape
Rockin´ Aldo & The Gold Searchers - Just Keep Away From Me
Greased Lightning - Brothel Creeper Bop
Billy Brillantine & The Bandit Rockers - Rockers-Bikers
The White Lines - Rock 'n' Roll Tonight
Wild Deuces - Rock-a-Beatin Boogie
The Panthers - Cool Cat Jive
Cuntry Diktator - The Boondocks
CorrupTed - Ol´ Moss Back
The Crazy Teds - All Night Rockers
Black Moon Boys – Sharkbait
Roadkill Rockers - Play It Loud
The Roughboys - Teddy Jive
Cosh Boys - Bring Back Rockabilly Back
Cliff Edmonds feat. Rockin Hellfire - I Love My Job
Six Five Special - Teddy Girl
Town Rebels - For An Angel
King Drapes - Rebel Girl
Cliff and the Town Rebels - I Want That
Cosh Boys - Someone Like You
The Crazy Teds - Stand By Your Man
Miss Lauren Marie - Kiss Me Baby
Warren Ace & The Dukes - Our Dream Is Gone

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