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The Night Of The Rock´n Roll Mutants - CD

Various Artists
The Night Of The Rock 'n' Roll Mutants
Pumpkin Records PUM006

The Boneyard Creepers – Boneyard Dragrace
Zombie Ghost Train – R.I.P.
The Go-Katz - Long Blond Hair
The Monster Klub – Blood Room
Spellbound – Blood On Your Hands
Alley Dukes - Cherries And Chocolate
The Hangmen - Sick Fuck Comic Book
Koma Katz – Rockers Rule!
The Taxidermists – Everybody's Rottin'
The Tremors – I Ain't No Two Timing Man
The Devil Riders – Take Me To The Cemetery
Judder & The Jackrabbits – Death For The Dead
Blue Demon – Hey Buddy!
Nero Burns – Black Lava
6 Feet Down – Not Alive
Henry & The Bleeders – My Old Lady
Bloodshot Bill – Ring The Bell
Gutter Demons – Runaway Loco
Hot Rocket Trio – Zombie Surfers Are Go!
The Memphis Morticians – Devils Rain

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