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The SICK ONES Volume 1 - Psychobilly CD

Various Artists
The SICK ONES Volume 1
International Psychobilly Compilation
Flying Saucer Records FSP1004

1. BAMBOULA ‘Bamboula Bop’ (U.S.A.)
2. THE BRAINS ‘More Brains’ (Canada)
3. SEASON OF NIGHTMARES ‘Between the Eyes’ (U.S.A.)
4. ROBIN ‘King of Boogie Night’ (Japan)
5. THE CREEPSHOW ‘Zombies Ate Her Brain’ (Canada)
6. MONSTER KLUB ‘Nice Girls Don’t Play With Monsters’ (France)
7. KOFFIN KATS ‘Splatterhouse’ (U.S.A.)
8. DICEMEN ‘Rockabilly Boogie’ (Holland)
9. MATADORS ‘Walking Dead’ (Canada)
10. LONESOME KINGS ‘Let Me Die’ (U.S.A.)
11. SLAPPING SUSPENDERS ‘Glory Days’ (Sweden)
12. PHANTOM ROCKERS ‘Psycho Girl’ (U.K.)
13. ASMODEUS ‘Ectoplasm’ (Holland)
14. GUTTER DEMONS ‘Children of the Damned’ (Canada)
15. SEWER RATS ‘Subway Sewer Rats’ (Germany)
16. THEE MERRY WIDOWS ‘Talk Shit, Spit Blood’ (U.S.A.)
17. FURY III ’Nerve Shot’ (U.S.A.)
18. ALLEY DUKES ‘Dirty White Girl’ (Canada)
19. BANANE METALIK ’Surfin’ Banana’ (France)
20. TOMBSTONES ‘Her House Is The Way To Hell’ (U.S.A.)
21. THE DEADCATS ‘Radioactive Kid’ (Canada)
22. CASINO RUMBLERS ‘It’s The Life’ (Australia)
23. JOE HELLRAISER ‘We Were Us’ (Sweden)
24. APPLE THIEVES ‘The World Against You’ (Finland)
25. STOCKMEN ‘Bloody Suede Shoes’ (Russia)

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