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Wild Bob Burgos - Ride On Rebels - EP

Wild Bob Burgos
Ride On Rebels
Black Vinyl EP
Plan 9 Trash Records P9E189

A1. Ride On Rebels
A2. Don't Cramp My Style
B1. Are You Ready?
B2. Ain't Comin' Back No More

A new fine piece on Vinyl on Plan 9 Trash Records: Wild Bob Burgos, The Tattoed Sledgehammer of Rock'n'Roll - The association between "Wild Bob Burgos" and rock'n'roll goes back more than three decades. Bob, who is of Spanish extraction, grew up in South East London, England and by the mid sixties he had taken up playing drums - but before he could get started professionally, he met up with a local tattooist, who asked Bob to work with him in his tattoo shop at weekends. Bob's main ambition was to play in a rock'n'roll / rhythm & blues band, but he needed to make some money to buy himself an instrument and somehow bought a guitar and then later a cheap drum kit. Bob did so well in the tattoo shop, he was asked to work there more and more. And whilst waiting for the customers, they ended up tattooing themselves for practice. Bob finally left the tattooing business to concentrate on his musical career, as he had now bought himself an instrument, covered himself with tattoos, and was ready for the road to rock'n'roll.

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