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BossHoss - Dos Bros - Double Vinyl LP

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The BossHoss
Dos Bros

2 LP set with 21 Songs
Heavy Vinyl Edition plus extra MP3 Download Voucher.

Dos LP Side A:
1. Wait For Me
2. Dos Bros
3. Joyridin'
4. Today Tomorrow Too Long Too Late
5. I Like It Like That
6. Star Of The Roadcrew

Dos LP Side B:
7. She Is A Little B
8. Tennessee Woman
9. I'm Coming Home
10. Lady JD
11. A Cowboys Work Is Never Done

Bros LP Side A:
1. No Diggity
2. Jolene
3. Geronimo
4. The Beautiful People
5. Walking Away
6. What I Did For Love

Bros LP Side B:
7. Candy Shop
8. Thrift Shop
9. Easy
10. Boom Boom


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