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Foggy Mountain Rockers - Rock'n'Roll Philosophy LP

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Foggy Mountain Rockers
Rock'n'Roll Philosophy
PART LP 327.013

White Vinyl Double LP Set in a Gatefold Sleeve

Side A:
A1. It's Not Too Late To Be Wild
A2. Do You Know…?
A3. Be Apart
A4. Teddy Boy Anthem
A5. Give Me Your Love

Side B:
B1. The Fog
B2. One More Time
B3. Man's Ruin
B4. The Wanted Man In Black
B5. Tender Days

Side C:
C1. Something Wrong With You
C2. Teddy Boy Movement
C3. Wanderin' Star
C4. The Beat

Side D:
D1. Illuminati (Instr.)
D2. Rock'N'Roll Religion
D3. She Brings Back The Wolf In Me
D4. Don't Break My Heart Again


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